Lubrication is one of the most important factors in whether or not a refrigeration installation works correctly.

The choice of lubrication is specific to the installation and applications in question.  It is important to follow the recommendations of the compressor manufacturer.

The oil ensures that the different moving parts of the compressor are lubricated by forming a lubricating, homogenous "film".  In rotary screw compressors, it also ensures tightness and therefore effective refrigeration.

We stock a comprehensive range of lubricants for air conditioning and refrigeration compressors.

Brands available include Mobil, Emkarate, CPI, Reflo, Suniso, ELF, HQ POE.

Polyol Ester (POE) oils
Oils for CO2
PAG oils
Poly-Alfa Olefin (PAO) oils
AB/PAO oils
HT/MO oils
Alkyl Benzene oils
Mineral oils