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Low GWP Refrigerants

In a world of ever-changing legislation and increasing pressure to select refrigerants with low GWP figures, we offer a range of options suitable for a range of applications. For tailored advice on the the best product for your project, please contact us.

R32Opteon XL10R717 (Ammonia)R744 (CO2)R1234yfR1234zeHydroFluoroOlefin (HFO) BlendsR1233zd

HFO Refrigerants

HFO (HydroFluoroOlefin) refrigerants are the fourth generation of refrigerants to be developed and introduced to the market. 


They are an alternative refrigerant with low GWP values that reduce environmental impact while offering energy efficiency.

R-1233zdHFO Blends

HCFC Refrigerants

HCFCs (Hydrochlorofluorocarbons) were used for many years as replacements for CFCs (Chlorofluorocarbons).  HCFCs however, like CFCs, have an Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and their use was banned in many applications including in new equipment from the year 2000.  The use of virgin HCFCs was permitted for maintenance and servicing purposes until 2010 when a complete ban was enforced.  A 5-year exemption exists for service and maintenance of refrigeration and air conditioning systems to use reclaimed or recycled HCFC (see Legislation section for more details).  Companies using HCFC refrigerants have either replaced their equipment or converted equipment to run using a non ozone depleting alternative.

A number of HCFC replacements are currently available, including the DuPont™ ISCEON 9 Series range.  For tailored advice on the best refrigerant for your application please contact us.

Regenerated R22R401AR402AR403A/BR408AR409A

HFC Refrigerants

HFCs (Hydrofluorocarbons) are non ozone depleting and the preferred refrigerant in a wide range new refrigeration and air conditioning installations.  These refrigerants are non-flammable, safe, easy to use, and energy efficient in the correct application.  The choice of refrigerant is usually made by the equipment manufacturer and will be dependent on the application and required operating conditions.

R-434AR125R227eaR23ISCEON® MO89R508BR507R438A (ISCEON® MO99)R437A (ISCEON® MO49 PLUS)R423A (ISCEON® 39TC)R422D (ISCEON® MO29)R422A (ISCEON® MO79)R417A (ISCEON® MO59)R410AR407F (Performax™ LT)R407CR407AR404AR134aR-428AR-442A (RS-50)R-453A (RS-70)

Car Air Conditioning

Refrigerant solutions for Car Air Conditioning

  • Climalife are already a recognised and long term supplier of R-134a to the automotive industry.
  • From 2011, many new cars are using low GWP refrigerant R-1234yf.
  • From 2017, all new cars will need to use refrigerant with a GWP below 150.
  • R-134a and R-1234yf available from Climalife.


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