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ManToothâ„¢ Wireless Digital P/T Gauge

ManTooth™ is a wireless digital P/T Gauge to simplify pressure and temperature measurements of refrigeration and air-conditioning systems. You can easily download and share the data thanks to the free downloadable App via your iPhone or Android device.


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The refractometer from Climalife is a precision optical instrument intended for checking the freezing point of propylene-glycol and ethylene glycol solutions.


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Bacharach Leak Detection

Climalife offers a range of Bacharach fixed leak detectors to suit most refrigerants.


For tailored advice on the best product for your application, please contact us on 0117 980 2520 or email us at climalife.uk@climalife.dehon.com.

Bacharach Multi Zone Gas Leak Monitor HGM-MZBacharach Refrigerant Detector MVR300Bacharach Gas Transmitter Series MGS-550Bacharach Gas Transmitter Series MGS-250 IRBacharach Gas Detector MGD100Bacharach Gas Transmitter Series MGS-150Bacharach Control PanelsWhy leak detection?

CAREL Electronic Controls

Climalife in the UK are a distributor of a range of CAREL electronic controls.

For tailored advice on the best product for your business, please contact us on 0117 980 2520.

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