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Duonett® D7

Duonett D7 is a professional descaling liquid for industrial use, intended for removing limescale and limestone, and eliminating sludge and rust deposits from water pipes.

Duonett D7 is suitable for use in heat exchangers (condensers, water evaporators), boilers, water pipelines, and cooling towers.  The product is much easier to use than traditional descaling products due to its lower acidity levels.   Duonett D7 is easily biodegradable and is available in cans of 5L or 20L, or drum of 225L.

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Cleaning products play an important part in the efficient operation of refrigeration and air conditioning systems and are key in practising good maintenance procedures.  

The Frionett range has been researched and developed by the Dehon group and is designed to optimise the performance of equipment.  The range caters for indoor and external units, including areas where food preparation takes place, and many of the products have been independently tested according to EU standards.